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"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more."
                                                               Jonas Salk, MD

Our Equipment Lease offers many unique advantages:
100% Financing. Lease transactions can cover 100% of costs including freight, training and software

An example of Equipment our Lease can include:
Medical Equipment
Personal and laptop computers, PDA's
Software and hardware upgrades can be included.

Service and maintenance contract
Office equipment and furniture

Manufacturing, construction l
Telephone & Telecommunication Systems
Machine Tools
Manufacturing & Plant Equipment
Material Handling Equipment
Photographic Equipment & Digital Imaging Systems
Printing & Graphic Arts Equipment
Most any type of business equipment

Flexible Payment Options
Flexibility of payments include (monthly, seasonal, quarterly, step, etc…)
Lease payments can be structured around the use of equipment, changes in revenue streams, the lessee's accounting needs and cash flow from earnings generated by the leased equipment.

Avoid Risks of Obsolescence
By leasing, especially technology and communications equipment, the customer can avoid the risk of technological obsolescence. When the lease term expires, the customer can decide to keep the equipment by exercising the purchase option or create a replacement schedule to upgrade to the newest equipment the market has to offer.

Service is the key to any leasing program. Service is the most important product that Leasecorp, Inc. offers. From program development, to credit submission, documentation and funding, Leasecorp, Inc. will guarantee the most efficient and professional services available. We will provide you, the vendor, with important backup services such as transaction status, sales force training and leasing support material.

Please contact us if you are planning to acquire additional equipment and we will be happy to discuss your needs either personally or by telephone, whichever you prefer.